The best backyard pizza oven bundle.


The #1 Gift For Dad

FREE Pizza Peel, Cutter, and Carry Case Included

365-Day Trial, Lifetime Warranty

Professional Quality Pizza, In Minutes

Choose Gas Propane, Wood, or Hybrid Multi-Fuel.

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Backed for Life

365-Day Risk-Free Trial

Ships Fast and Free*

Why You Need A Stoke Backyard Pizza Oven:

A well built pizza oven bundle that includes everything you need to make great pizza at home, available at a fair price. American family owned.

  • Make More Than Just Great Pizza!

    • Make professional pizza in 2 minutes
    • Sear steak, roast veggies and fish, bake beautiful bread
    • Use your favorite cast iron for endless options!
  • Comes With Everything Included

    • Pizza Peel + Cutter
    • Weatherproof Carrying Case
    • Burner & Pizza Stone
    • Lasting Memories
  • Best Trial & Warranty Period Available

    • Made to Cook, Built to Last
    • 365-Day Trial (Hate it, return it)
    • Lifetime Warranty (Breaks, return it)
    • Questions? Just ask!

We Built A Better Backyard Oven

Professional-grade heat, quick & easy to install, safe & smokeless.

  • Heat-resistant, steel shell

    Your backyard is your haven—and we’d like to keep it that way. Your smokeless oven is designed with a heat-resistant body.

  • Temperature control dashboard

    No need to purchase an expensive laser thermometer. Every Stoke Pizza Oven comes with a built in thermometer.

  • Designed for perfect airflow

    Our oven is designed with the most optimal balance of flame and airflow to cook your pizza to perfection.

  • Want ease of use? Choose Gas

    Our gas option allows has an instant battery-powered ignitor & a temperature control knob.

  • Want wood-fired flavor? Choose Wood

    Our wood-powered model maximizes ultimate pizza flavor.

  • Want both? Choose Hybrid

    Our hybrid model allows you to switch from Gas to Wood for maximum versatility.

  • Choose your size

    All Stoke ovens come in a 13" option (most portable) or a 16" option (great for big parties)

  • Sturdy & safe

    We designed our oven with four stabilizing legs (most have three) for maximum safety.

  • Restaurant-grade pizza stone

    Our cordierite stone baking board comes with every oven.

Voted Best Backyard Pizza Oven

We've been awarded best outdoor pizza oven.

  • Best Value Pizza Oven

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  • Best Overall Pizza Oven

    Consumer Rating

  • Best Overall Pizza Oven

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Pizza Night Memories With Friends & Family

  • Restaurant-quality pizza in your backyard!
  • Making the pizza can be as much fun as eating it!
  • Fun & Safe for the entire family!
  • The best gift to make anyone feel special!

Cooks More Than Pizza, Faster Than BBQ

  • Flame Cooked Steak, Fish, Veggies & Desserts
  • Works great with Cast Iron or Oven friendly pans.
  • Add Flame Cooked flavor to anything.
  • Faster than a traditional barbecue!

Turn Your Backyard Into A Pizzeria

  • Fits in any backyard
  • Portable, turn your tailgate or campsite into a pizzeria
  • Crank out 10 pizzas in 20 minutes

Backed for Life

365-Day Risk-Free Trial

Ships Fast and Free*


We're here to help you every step of the way

Wood Model v.s. Gas Model - Is there a difference?

The most important thing when making amazing pizza is reaching very high temperatures which all Stoke ovens can do - this will allow you to make incredible pizza in 60 seconds!

Using wood creates a tasty wood-fired flavor. Wood-fired food just has something tasty about it - you can't beat the ambience of a crackling fire and the aroma it will fill your backyard up with. 

You can also use a mix of Wood and charcoal. This combination is best used fo a slow drawn out cook at lower temperatures - ideal for meat such as beef or turkey.

You can also use gas to cook low and slow. Gas is the most convenient fuel source when you're looking for that constant, lower temperature. Control the temperature of your Stoke with the gas knob on the burner. Using gas is the most versatile as it allows you to cook at super high heat (950ºF/500˚C) or lower temperatures.

Which Stoke Oven model you choose is totally up to you and how you dream of using your Stoke - each Stoke oven has it's own awesome set of benefits!

What comes with my Stoke Pizza Oven?

Every Stoke Oven comes with an attachable thermometer, a weather-proof carrying case, a pizza peel and pizza cutter ($140 value - shipped separately). Take your stoke on the go and keep it protected from the elements.

How Big is the Stoke Pizza Oven?

13-inch Gas
23 x 19 x 13 inches
34.7 pounds

13-inch Wood
23.5 x 19.5 x 13.5 inches
36.9 pounds

16-inch Gas
25 x 21.5 x 13 inches

How big of a pizza can I make in the 13”? 16”? 

13” - up to 12” pie (leaves room on the edges)

16” - up to 15” pie (leaves room on the edges)

What type of metal is the oven made from?

 Cold-rolled steel.

How long does it take to ship?

- 2-3 days barring shipping delays.

- The accessories are part of a current promotion and will ship separately.

What’s the deal with the 365-day trial?

You heard it right! We’ll do everything we can to help you get the most out of your oven, but if you’re still not satisfied within the first year, we’ll refund your purchase.


Everything you need to make pizza.