Our Story

Create wood-fired memories that last a lifetime. 

Think back to that night—when the inside jokes hit just right, and when the smoke from the grill faded into the pinks and blues of a sunset sky. We live for those twilight cookouts, epic tailgates, and cozy birthday gatherings—and now, we’re taking them to the next level.  

It all started with a campfire. 

A five-month hiking trip from Mexico to Canada. Hot-air balloon rides in Turkey. Swimming the entire length of the Han River in South Korea. It’s safe to say that our founders have an adventurous streak—but their favorite memory is when they shared stories with complete strangers around a campfire at Mount Cook National Park. 

Maybe it was the alpine wonderland—or the odd “pizza” they whipped up using store-bought dough and a makeshift foil oven propped over the campfire. The cheesy mishaps and belly-laughs that followed, and the intimate stories that turned strangers into lifelong friends, made our founders wonder how they could bring this feel-good vibe home.

Fast forward a few years, and now our team is recreating this moment in backyards all across the country—this time, with a real, restaurant-grade pizza oven that makes everything from crispy Brooklyn slices to cheesy deep-dish pies. 

Sure, the pizza tastes like heaven. But to us, the adventure is more about those little moments of joy, and the stories that bring people from all walks of life together. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or a master pizzaiolo; the Stoke Pizza Oven is for anyone who wants a slice of adventure in their own backyards.

Our mission is simple: Create high-quality, affordable pizza ovens that upgrade the backyard experience.
Our vision: Transform every backyard into a haven of joy, good company, and life-long connections.