Troubleshooting and FAQ's

Stoke Pizza Ovens: Instructions, Troubleshooting, and Tips

How to Set up Your Stoke Pizza Oven

Reference this video for a step by step:

Instruction Manuals:

Assembling the Oven (Wood/Hybrid):


  • Find a flat surface and have a box cutter and Phillips head screwdriver ready.

  • Unbox the oven, unwrap each component, and separate them.

  • If you have the 16” oven, you may need to remove the internal flame shield to take out the wood basket. To do this, turn the oven on its side and unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom. Once the wood basket is removed, screw the internal shield back in place.

  • Screw together the three wooden handles: one for the door, one for the hopper, and one for the basket.

  • Unfold the legs of the oven and set it upright.


Adding the Gas Burner:

  • Unscrew the internal flame shield by turning the oven on its side and unscrewing the 2 screws at the bottom. Replace it with the shield supplied with your gas burner.

  • Attach the frame to the gas burner horizontally and screw the 3 screws.

  • Insert the gas burner into the large rectangle at the back bottom of the oven, sliding it in horizontally. Attach it with the screws.

  • Unscrew the battery knob and insert 1 AAA+ battery.

  • Turn the battery knob counterclockwise.

  • Turn the gas control clockwise and leave it on High until it lights.

  • Tip: For optimal results, keep the oven burning on high for 15 minutes with the oven door closed to reach maximum heat.


Lighting the Oven:

  • Press the knob when it is in the off position.

  • Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds.

  • Turn the knob counterclockwise to high.

  • Do not turn it at the beginning.




Dough Sticking to the Stone?

To prevent dough from sticking, dust your pizza peel with an appropriate material:

  • Flour: Works well but requires working quickly to prevent sticking.

  • Cornmeal: Provides extra protection and adds a coarse, gritty texture to the crust.

  • Semolina Flour (made from durum wheat): Slower to absorb water and prevent sticking.

Other types of flour like rye, rice, corn, or whole wheat can also be used.

Remember to regularly clean your oven to prevent smoking and black, charred spots on the crust.


How to remove the wood hopper from your 16" Oven

Having trouble with your Stoke Oven Door?

Please watch the video below - there is a mechanisam to keep your door locked in place, although it can be easy to miss. Follow the instructions below to maintain maximum security of your door.

If the video below doesn't work - try the link here :

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Enjoy your pizza-making experience with Stoke Pizza Ovens!