Burrata, Peach and Prosciutto Pizza Recipe

Burrata, Peach and Prosciutto Pizza Recipe

recipe by: Lisa Hahn of Pretty Munch

Some of our Stoke Ambassadors have created some pretty great pizza recipes in their Stoke Pizza Ovens. For summer time, this Burrata, Peach and Prosciutto pizza recipe from Lisa Hahn of Pretty Munch is one of our favorites. Using some of the freshest summer ingredients like peaches and basil pesto, this pizza combines sweet, spicy and creamy flavors for the perfect combination. 

stoke pizza oven recipe   


- pizza dough

- peaches, thinly sliced

- jalapeños, thinly sliced

- pesto

- prosciutto 

- burrata 

- fresh cracked salt

- fresh cracked pepper

- extra virgin olive oil

- flour 

- semolina flour

best outdoor pizza oven  stoke pizza oven


1. Preheat your Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven on high heat for 20 minutes.

2. Flour your pizza dough. Poke, knead and stretch dough until it’s at your desired size. We were looking for rustic 10 inch pizzas in this recipe.

3. Generously coat your pizza peel with semolina flour and add dough to build your pizza on the peel. Spread pesto on dough, leaving about an inch around the edges for your crust. Add prosciutto, then jalapeños and peaches. Tear and top with burrata. Hit with a light drizzle of olive oil and season with fresh cracked salt and pepper.

4. Turn down heat on oven to medium right before adding the pizza. 

5. Slide pizza into oven using your pizza peel. Rotate your pizza 90 degrees every 20 to 30 seconds using the peel. If you’re struggling to turn the pizza with the flip of your wrist, don’t hesitate to use tongs to help you out. This oven is HOT and you definitely don’t want to use your hands.

6. Your pizza will be done when it has a nice leopard color on the crust. Remove from oven using the pizza peel. Cool slightly, cut and enjoy!

Pro Tip: Go light on the toppings. Less truly is more with these pizzas.

Lisa used the 13" Gas Pizza Oven for this recipe. 


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