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Stoke's top tips for perfect pies 🍕

#1 - heat your oven

Let the oven fully heat with the stone in it (depending on your outdoor climate, timing can vary - we recommend 20-30 minutes to be safe).

#2 - Flour Your surfaces

Make sure there is flour everywhere, especially on the surface where you are stretchinng your dough and on the peel you use to place the pizza in the oven. Shake your peel periodically to make sure the pie isn't sticking. Semolina flour is recommended.

#3 - Don't Over-top

Trust me, we all love toppings, but going too heavy on them will prevent your pizza from baking evenly. Do as the Italians do and keep it light!


Turn a half turn every 20-30 seconds. Do this by using your pizza peel to pull the pizza out of the oven, rotate it 90 degrees, then slide it back in. Keep an eye on your pie! You may want to turn more frequently, especially toward the end of the bake.


Experiment with your heat levels. If your pizza is cooking too quickly, turn the gas heat down or wait for your wood flame to dwindle a bit. If it's not cooking fast enough, try heating your stone longer and make sure the wind isn't blowing into the oven.

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