Stoke Pizza Ovens vs Gozney (2023)

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No-risk pizza: the best kind of pizza 

Stoke gives you a 365-day trial, while Gozney only gives you 30 days. We’re confident you’ll love our pizza oven—we’ve got the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews to prove it!—so we give you a full, risk-free year to test and play.

<p>How do</p><p>We Stack Up?</p>

(Hint: we win)

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Free Pizza Ingredients ×
Free Carry Cover ×
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7 Irresistible Reasons to Choose Stoke


Stoke Pizza Oven costs $199 less than Gozney.*
So technically, you’ve already got 199 reasons to choose us over the other guys 😏


You get an extra-generous 365-day trial.   
Gozney settled for 30 days. We decided to give you a full year—and a full refund if you don’t absolutely love your Stoke Pizza Oven. 


Your Stoke Pizza Oven’s backed for life.
Gozney gives you a 5 year warranty. We give you our Never-ending Warranty—for a lifetime of worry-free pizza parties and backyard bashes.


You get a free pizza peel, cutter, carrying case and pizza ingredients. 

That’s a $165 value—and we’re giving you all these pizza essentials for free. Gozney charges extra, because that’s what they’re good at. 


Your pizza comes with a side of stellar customer service. 

Contact the Stoke team, and you’ll get a near-immediate response—sometimes directly from our Founder. Contact the Gozney team, and you might get a response. When an Gozney review begins with “I thought cable/internet companies were frustrating to work with…” that tells you all you need to know.


Your Stoke Pizza Oven ships in about 3-5 days.

We don’t like to play the waiting game. Once your shipment’s ready, in about 3-5 days, we promptly send it your way. Word has it (and reviews prove it) that some Gozney customers are still waiting for the oven they ordered months ago. Yikes.


We play it safe.

No, we’re not boring. Yes, we care about your safety. That’s why our ovens have four stabilizing legs (Gozney's have three). It’s also why each Stoke Pizza Oven comes with a built-in thermometer—not just for safety, but also to help ensure you have the right temperature for perfectly baked pizza. Gozney? They make you pay separately for an infrared thermometer.  

More 🍕 in your bellyMore 💰 in your pockets

We like our dough in the oven—but we also like it in our wallets. Gozney charges you extra for their oven and essential “accessories.” For $199 less, Stoke gives you the perfect pizza oven bundle to complete your backyard. 

Both Stoke and Gozney churn out mouth-watering pizza…  

But unlike Gozney, we make it easy. Your Stoke Pizza Oven bundle comes with a free pizza peel, pizza cutter, carry cover AND pizza ingredients —while Gozney gives you… just the oven. Gozney makes you pay extra for essential tools, or pay up to $999 for a “great value bundle.”  

Unlike Gozney, we keep the good times flowing and the pizza sizzling with our Never-ending Warranty. Gozney says you’re on your own if something happens to your oven after 5 years.

Why does Gozney cost so much more than Stoke? 

Short answer: We… can’t figure it out. Honestly.

Long answer: We can’t figure out why Gozney would charge so much for a product that does basically the same thing as our oven does. Gozney's been around for quite some time—and they’re one of the more recognizable names in the pizza oven space. But when we take a hard look at the facts, it’s clear we’re offering a comparable, high-performing product for much less cash.


Stoke might be the new kid on the block, but we’re coming for the big guys with glowing reviews and a price point that actually makes sense. We’re polished enough to give you a quality product and experience, but down-to-earth enough to occasionally give our Founder a customer service shift. Friends tell friends about Stoke, and customers rave about our customer service and delivery experience—while Gozney can only hope you won’t see all their negative reviews. 

And since we’re the type of people who like everything extra (extra cheese, extra toppings, extra slices…), we tossed in some impressive extras that Gozney simply can’t match: 

Stoke gives you a 365-day trial. (Gozney gives you 30 days.)

Stoke gives you a Never-ending Warranty. (Gozney gives you 5 years.) 

We figure you need more than two months to test out your new Stoke Pizza Oven. We think you need a full year of holidays, birthdays, last-minute parties, reunions, tailgates, beach outings, backyard picnics, and more to really get to know the ins and outs of your new oven—and to see if you truly love it. And because life’s an unpredictable thing, we back your oven for life through our Never-ending Warranty. (From our collection of rejected taglines: “Life happens, but our pizza oven is forever.”)

In summary:* 

The Stoke Pizza Oven heats up to 900°F in just 15 minutes, and bakes sizzling, mouth-watering pizza in just 2. The Gozney pizza oven heats up to 950°F in 20 minutes, and bakes pizza in 1. 

Stoke costs $199 less than Gozney. 

Stoke delivers everything you need to start using your Stoke Pizza Oven immediately—while Gozney makes you pay extra for essential tools. 

Friends tell friends about Stoke, while Gozney struggles with lackluster customer service and delivery issues. 

You can return your Stoke Pizza Oven within 365 days, while Gozney only gives you 60 days.

*Comparing our gas-powered 13” Stoke Pizza Oven (limited-time offer price) with the Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven (full price)

  • 1. People who want to make great pizza

    If you’re in camp #1, choose from the Stoke Pizza Oven models below to start baking pizza (or meat and veggies!) in your own backyard.

  • 2. People who want to buy an overpriced product so they can make great pizza 

    If you’re in camp #2, overpay for Gozney.   

Backed for Life

Our ovens are covered by lifetime warranty.


Don’t like it? Return it for a full refund.

Ships Fast and Free*

Leaves our warehouse in 2-5 business days.